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Kimberly Hodgkins is an author, writer and editor. She has specialized in recipe writing, legal writing, real estate, parenting, careers, business and investigative writing, among other areas. Her work has appeared in many well-known publications and websites. She is editor-in-chief of multiple online publications and websites, including,,, and She is also a ghostwriter for several prominent clients and contracts with multiple media companies. Kimberly is also an entrepreneur, successful businesswoman and advocate. Additionally, she covers and writes about current social and legal issues and contributes to several online agencies.

Kimberly has published several in print books and eBooks. She graduated college in 1992; her academic certificates include proficiencies in English, business, paralegal studies and medical terminology. Kimberly has done paralegal work since 1992 and started residential mortgage brokerage training in 1999. She gained certification as a commercial mortgage broker in 2007.

Kimberly is a devoted mother and wife. Additionally, she is an avid cook and baker. She also loves volunteering her time for those who need assistance and contributes frequently. Kimberly enjoys football, collecting stamps, coins, cards and books. Most of all, she loves her family time. She loves going on treasure hunts, movies, gardening and playing educational games with her daughter. On her free days, you will find her boating, soaking in the sun or in her pool.


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