How to Make a Christmas Wreath with your Kids

My daughter and I completed this project using branches and pine cones from our backyard. We purchased glitter glue, paintbrushes, ribbons, plastic red berries and a base wreath for $6.00. This was a fun project for us and we made for one her grandma as well.

Materials needed:

Branches from a pine cone tree (12-14 branches)
Pine cones (10-12 pine cones)
Base wreath (stick)
Red, silver, gold and blue glitter
1 large red ribbon
4 small red ribbons
Plastic red berries
Paper plates
Glue gun (parents only or older kids)

Step 1: Gather branches and pine cones. Give your child a basket to gather the pine cones.
Step 2: Lay newspaper over your table.
Step 3: The parent will need to snip off the arms of each branch; they will need to be 1-2 feet long. Set aside
Step 4: Divide the pine cones between everyone who will be painting them.
Step 5: Squeeze glitter glue onto each plate. Your child can use the paintbrushes and begin to decorate each pine cone.
Step 6: Let pine cones dry.
Step 7: The parent will need insert each piece of the branch into the base wreath, twist and insert again.
Step 8: Next, lay the wreath on the table. Gather your materials (pine cones, ribbons and berries). Let your child lay the materials on the wreath to determine where each item will be glued.
Step 9: Parents only, take glue gun and start gluing each item into place.
Step 10: Let dry.

You now have a beautiful wreath that you and your child have made. Enjoy and happy holidays!

Kimberly Hodgkins

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